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Meet Our Instructors

Vandy Lipman

As my second career, I fell in love with Pilates after studying the method for myself for three years.

 I was fortunate enough to study with Romana Kryzanowska, Sean Gallagher , P. T., Sari Mejia Santo, and Bob Leikens at the Pilates Studio in Manhattan. After completing the Pilates Studio Guild certification program in 1999,  I continued to work at  Dragos in Manhattan.  Carol and I opened Equipoise over 20 years ago. I love the ability to take a body and customize a Pilates program to strenghten, restore and to help maintain overall body wellness. Our clients include elite professional, amateur and junior athletes, mothers, fathers and Seniors;  helping them gain important core strength, increase flexibility and sharpen balance.  As an amateur equestrian myself, I understand the need for flexibility and

strength to prevent injuries.

The experience of working with different clients through the years has been both rewarding and inspiring. We have a genuine concern for the health and safety of our clients, and work to positively impact more lives with the benefits of Pilates. We strive to ensure each client enjoys their Pilates' experience and

reaches a realistic goal.

My love of body movement lead me to become both a Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis instuctor.  This method is a natural compliment to Pilates work and leaves ones body very open, feeling space in the tight areas. 

Carol Baker

I have been a certified Pilates Instructor and Teacher Trainer for the past 28 years.  I found Pilates after a back injury sidelined my dancing career.  As a classically trained ballet dancer and teacher, I bring  knowledge and expertise from dance to my Pilates practice and teaching. I was selected to head up the first official Pilates Studio Guild certification program in Manhattan under Performing Arts Physical Therapy. This included designing the course outline, creating the training manuals, administering written and physical exams and instructing teachers how to teach.  I was privileged to study under  Romana Kryzanowska, a direct disciple of Joseph Pilates   Romana eventually inherited the method from him. My work has been featured in Self magazine, the fitness section of Bodywise magazine writing a weekly blog, featured segments on WNBC Weekend Today in NY & CNBC and was featured in the first Pilates infomercial done in 1994.  My education includes a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from the University of North Carolina as well as a Master of Arts degree in Dance and Education from New York University.

I have extended my love of helping women to include my Doula work. I am a DONA certified doula and a Birtharts International certified childbirth educator. Just like in Pilates, I use the mind/body connection together with movement to facilitate a better birthing process. It’s amazing to be able to support women throughout the miracle of childbirth!  

 I love supporting women as they

create a miracle.

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